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Dear Friends and Brethren,

As 2017 comes to a close, I want to share an update with you—the Body of Messiah—on the work of the ministry. Though we are always watching current events for signs of the second coming of Yeshua the Messiah, the Master instructed us to “occupy” until He returns. That is what we are striving to do every day at Lion & Lamb Ministries. We continue to be steadfast and faithful to serve the brethren in all aspects of their faith in any way we can. We offer written instruction, along with audio and video programs, to edify the brethren. We invest in the future generation of believers with our summer youth camp. We host events centered on the Appointed Times of the Lord to help people to keep the commandments of God for themselves.

Every day we have new brethren ordering our products, watching our broadcasts, signing up for our mailing list, and registering for our events. Over 40 new families are added to our database each and every week. The LORD has often laid on my heart to always “teach the basics” for these brothers and sisters to grow in their understanding of God and His word. If you ever feel like you are alone in your walk in this Messianic faith, let me testify to you that there is a whole host of brethren who share your testimony. There are many more whose hearts have yearned for a deeper understanding of Scripture who are looking for like-minded brethren and fellowship. We work to bring these believers together in unity, both spiritually and physically, so we can be one in the Body of Messiah. We endeavor to continue this work until the Kingdom comes.       

It takes a great number of people and resources to make this work successful. This is where you come in. None of this is possible without you.  

We need your help, both in prayerful support and with financial gifts. If you have ever been blessed by the services we provide, please consider sending an end-of-the-year gift to help now. Your donation will help us to continue everything the LORD has laid on our hearts to do. Please prayerfully consider making a commitment to make monthly donations so you have an on-going investment in the service to many brethren.

If you share a gift now, I would like to immediately return the blessing with a brand new program entitled Basic Principles of Discipleship on DVD or CD. This teaching challenges the viewer—how do you know that you believe in God? What are the evidences of your relationship with the Messiah? Do you have a strong personal relationship with God as Abraham and Moses did? This program is excellent for new believers and encouraging the spiritually mature alike.

Thank you for helping us with your prayers, support, and partnership with Lion and Lamb Ministries. Let us “occupy” together until He returns.


Monte W. Judah Founder, Lion and Lamb Ministries

Monte W. Judah
Founder, Lion and Lamb Ministries


*We ask that our monthy donors (members of Mishpachah, Jacob’s Flock, and David’s Army) make a separate donation to receive this product offer. Additional offers and benefits will be available to you at a later time.

*If your mailing address is outside the United States, please contact us to get an idea of the cost to ship the teaching to your country. We would greatly appreciate if you would include the cost of international shipping in your donation.

This offer has EXPIRED and is NO LONGER VALID!
Only one DVD or CD per household with this offer.  Please specify whether you want a CD or DVD of the teaching when making your donation.  If no specification is made we will send the DVD.